Welcome to China Social

Are you interested in the Chinese social media landscape and European companies using it as marketing channel?

Good. Me too! It’s crazy. If you look around in a metro in Shanghai, 9 out of 10 people are staring into their smartphone. They are watching videos, playing video games or talking to their online friends. The people in China are crazy about social media.

IMG_2234.jpgI decided to start this blog about without ever having been to Asia or China in specific. But I’m really interested in it and want to use my time in Shanghai for a deep-dive into Chinese social media culture. In my blog I want to focus especially on the business aspect of it and how European companies use it for market entry strategies, to drive up direct sales and other marketing measures.

Throughout the next six months, I’m expecting a steep learning curve in my field of interest. I will study one semester at TongJi School of Economics and Management. Besides that, I have the unique opportunity to work for LOBECO Shanghai. The Munich based company LOBECO GmbH is FC Bayern Munich’s (FCB) social media consultancy. Very recently, they founded a company in Shanghai. They share an office space with FCB, so we will get work with them really closely. Therefore and also because football is my passion, you can expect a lot of information about European football clubs operating in China.

Oh and yeah, I do not speak any Chinese. But I guess that’s not necessarily a disadvantage in this matter. It will help to get an outside perspective – with just the right amount of valuable insights through my access to knowledge. I get great help from my colleague Xinyun, who has a lot of experience in managing social media accounts of German companies in China.

Understanding social media is no longer a luxury for companies operating in China – it is an imperative. With the example of FC Bayern München, other European football clubs and their sponsors and I’d like to give an overview on social media platforms, features, formats, channels and new technologies.

Stay tuned!




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